Types of Nursing School Degree Programs

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How do I choose the right nursing degree program for me?

Types of Nursing School Degree Programs

Types of Nursing Degree Programs:

Baccalaureate Nursing Degree:
Graduates are eligible for licensure as a registered nurse and employment in a variety of inpatient care settings and ambulatory care settings, including hospitals, community agencies, schools, industries, home health care, and clinics.

Master's Nursing Degree:
The master's degree provides for the attainment of advanced knowledge and speciality nursing practices. Graduates are prepared to work in a variety of settings and a variety of advanced practice nursing roles, such as clinical nurse specialist, nurse practitioner, nurse midwife, nurse anesthetist, or nurse administrator.

Nursing Doctorate Degree:
A post baccalaureate nursing doctorate curriculum provides for entry into professional nursing practice, and preparation for initial licensure. Graduates are prepared to practice within and across diverse health care settings. This program is designed for the person who holds a baccalaureate degree in another field.

Associate Degree in Nursing:
A program usually affiliated with junior, technical and community colleges. Some associate degree programs are found in senior colleges and universities. Associate degree programs are usually two years in length, and include course work in general education and nursing. Graduates are eligible for licensure as a registered nurse, and are prepared to practice in structured care settings.

Nursing Diploma:
Usually a hospital-based program, with a course of study of two to three years in length leading to the award of a diploma.

Practical Nursing:
A program one year in length leading to a diploma.

Your choices of nursing degree program types should be made based upon your goals and what type of nursing you want to practice. Additional issues like time and finances may also play a part in the decision-making process.



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