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The Nursing Queens

At the Seattle Childrens Hospital ICU, the nurses managed to turn a classic song ("Dancing Queen") into a medicine oriented version.

I'm at a code (On a Boat parody)

A parody of the Lonely Island's "On a Boat" by a set of bored doctors. Rewriting the lyrics to fit all of the rules and hospital codes that doctors have to follow, this video is hilarious and educational.

Call Me Maybe - Educational Parody

Nursing students take a crack at teaching the importance of eating right and the ER in this musical parody.

Funny Graduation Speech

This nurse's talents weren't confined to the O.R, as his dry humor shines through his graduation acceptance speech.

Footless: Nursing School Style

Final exams can do odd things to Nursing students. These students decided to recreate Footless, nursing style!

What I Learned From Nursing

Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, one nurse details what he has learned from his trade.

Day in the life: ER Nurse

Take a look behind the curtains and into the passion of this male nurse. This job is not for the faint of heart.

Men in Nursing

Being a male nurse has always carried a social stigma. Find out why it can be an exciting career for any man in medicine.

4 Minutes In The Life Of a Nurse

Think you could make it as a nurse? First take a four minute journey into the life of a nurse, as told through this quirky animated cartoon.

Nurse, Nurse, Help Me

A parody of Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" that is both educational and entertaining.

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