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Top 5 Apps for Nurses

There are more apps for nurses than we can count, so we've compiled a list of the top five apps that all nurses should have on their Smartphones.

1. Medscape on Android or iPhone

This app has thousands of results on drugs, diseases and images. The application has been highly anticipated in the medical world for its renowned use as a reference guide.

2. Epocrates on Android or iPhone

The medical world changes fast. New findings are constantly being published, and new drugs pop up almost daily. This application compiles them all and is consistently updated to account for any new and useful information on drugs and disease.

3. Evernote on Android or iPhone

Despite not being specifically designed for the medical world, Evernote is the best note taking app currently available. This app will be quite useful to any nurse who wants to take precise notes on the job.

4. Eponyms on Android or iPhone

Just as the name suggests, the app helps the user make references on medical eponyms. The understanding (and remembering!) of eponyms is vital in the medical realm. Even the best nurse has a forgetful moment now and then.

5. PALS Advisor on iPhone

This app offers medical advice that is clinically acceptable in certain situations. It is most useful during resuscitation, pediatric drug dosage and basic life support. This app will equip a nurse with trustworthy advice when it comes to assisting patients.

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