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How to Get the Most out of a Nurse's Conference

When you arrive at the conference, make sure you have dozens of copies of your business card ready to present. Conferences are all about networking.

Things to do

  1. Read and understand the conference agenda and pay attention to all that takes place during the conference.

  2. Talk with other attendants. Network your way through the conference, meeting as many people as possible.

  3. Stay for the whole event. Don't miss any interesting information that might be presented.

  4. Take accommodation at the venue of the meeting /conference if possible to allow you to interact with other attendants of the conference.

  5. Present as many business cards as possible during and after the conference.

  6. Collect many cards as you possibly can, for future use or referencing.

  7. Get any tape or video recordings of the conference.

  8. Be active by asking questions and participating in any task required.

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