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Scrubshopper by Rachael

Pinterest: @scrubshopper

This account by Rachael features nine pinning boards that cover the nursing gamut- from nursing inspiration and nursing humor to scrubs with style and fitness lessons for nurses- you'll find what you're looking for here.

Nursing+ by Love Chrissy

Pinterest: @chrissylove123/nursing

There is never a lack of inspiration here thanks to this pinner's motivational quotes and phrases. The pinning board is also full of charts and diagrams guaranteed to spark an interest in this field.

Nursing 101 by Kiera McNamera

Pinterest: @kieragrace/nursing-101

This account is filled with lots of statistics, news articles, plenty of humor, books, and words of wisdom. In fact, Kiera's account is one of the largest collections on the list.

Noteworthy Nursing by Lindsey Frye

Pinterest: @jalafrye/noteworthy-nursing

Who says scrubs have to be well, scrubby? Lindsey prefers to show the trendy, fashionable and stylish side of nursing. You'll love her collection of trendy nursing uniforms.

R.N by Mandi

Pinterest: @mandi413/r-n

If you want to check out the job outlook for nurses, then this is the account for you. Mandi has a lot of diagrams and infographics which will certainly give you a better understanding of the nursing profession.

Healthcare Social Media

Pinterest: @nicolaziady/healthcare-social-media

This board by Nicola Ziady has a beautiful rundown of graphs, articles, and statistics which show how technology and social media are an ideal union in the nursing profession. It is helpful for those who are more interested in the management aspect of nursing.

Anatomy of a Nursing Student

Pinterest: @aoans/nursing-school

Mostly motivation and inspiration, but statistics and career advice always make an appearance.

Medical Assisting and School

Pinterest: @meredithkshuman/medical-assisting-and-school

You are bound to find lots of humor and motivation on this board, and many other nursing themed pins.



Has 25000+ resources for any healthcare education and learning tools for nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Vernon Dutton

Twitter: @nursingpins

This twitter handle by Veron Dutton, a renowned nurse in the critical care unit, is very useful to upcoming nurses.

Head Nurse


A regular of top lists due to her well-written posts, Johanne's blog conveys passion for her vocation while relating her knowledge.

Tales of a School Zoned Nurse


This light, heart-warming blog is as much about working with kids in a school environment as it is about nursing.

At Your Cervix


Not just for expectant mothers, this blog by a labor and delivery nurse regales you with stories both heartwarming and comical.

Digital Doorway


Keith is not only a nurse but also a "laughter yoga" teacher. His adventurous spirit leads to engaging tales told by someone with a genuine interest in humanity and life.

(Kinda Still New) Nurse Insanity: The Traveling Years


Sometimes disgusting, sometimes hilarious, this blog has a youthful, edgy voice. Though still in the learning stages, this new nurse is happy to share her journey to knowledge with you.



Read about a flight nurse who also tools around on a motorcycle. The Zen, adventurous Emily tells stories from a mile high in a friendly tone of voice.



Discover everything you did – and did not – want to know about the world of a nurse working in a rehabilitation facility.

Off the Charts (American Journal of Nursing)


This professionally written blog from the American Journal of Nursing provides you with accessible information about nursing and healthcare.

Madness: Tales of an Emergency Room Nurse


This intense blog occasionally spirals into a rant. Experience the real madness of working in a high-stress emergency room.

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