Outlook for Male Nurses

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What is the job outlook for male nurses?

Outlook for Male Nurses

Nursing has been a preimarily female-dominated field for most of its history, and there is only about five percent of the total RN population that is male. Possibly the main reason for such a low number of male nurses is the stigma attached to it. Typically, men in the healthcare profession become doctors. A man who chooses to be a nurse is often looked upon with suspicion or even scorn, but not as much inside the medical facility or hospital as it is outside of a male nursing job. Often you will find the other patients and employees where you are employed will comment on how male nurses are better. Growing up, young boys need to know that not only is nursing a good career option, it also pays well. Incentives and student loan payback opportunities are common in many hospitals and medical facilities. The salary for a registered nurse may start at more than $16 an hour, with a $2,000 signing bonus for a two year commitment for example.



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