Travel Nursing Salaries

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What are some tips you offer for new traveling nurses?

Travel Nursing Salaries

One of the reasons nurses look into becoming a traveling nurse is the salary. Travel nurses salaries vary from region to region and even from one assignment to the next.

A brief run down on the approximate hourly pay by region:
Northeast - $35-$38
Southeast and South - $26-$30
West Coast - $30-$35
Midwest and Central - $28-$31
Hawaii - $24-$30
Alaska - $35-$45
These amounts are not guaranteed. They're included here to give you an idea of the hourly pay rates across the country.

If you're curious to know where most nurses are heading, here are the five most recruited destinations:
North Carolina
New York

The five recruited nursing specialties:
Operating Room
Intensive Care Unit
Emergency Department

Possible additional bonuses you may receive with travel nursing agencies:
Completion Bonus
Referral Bonus
Loyalty Bonus
Longevity Bonus



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