Before Your Trip as a Traveling Nurse

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What are some tips you offer for new traveling nurses?

Before Your Trip as a Traveling Nurse

*Before leaving for your traveling nurse assignment, make a checklist of what you plan to bring, including items such as a can opener, corkscrew, light bulbs, laundry basket, hair dryer, blender, toaster, VCR, vacuum, PC, portable radio, extra eyeglasses, clock radio, camera, camcorder and umbrella. You never know exactly what you will have or not have accessible to you. But try to pack as light as you can. You can always send for more of your things after you get settled in at your new apartment/home.

*Ask your recruiter whether your apartment will be furnished or non-furnished. Will there be a vacuum, a washer and dryer, a microwave, a TV?

*Don't forget your prescription medicines or contact lenses and solutions. Make sure you have enough to get you through the work assignment or know where to get prescription refills as necessary.

*Have your mail stopped or forwarded to where you'll be staying, depending on how long you will be gone. Do not forget to pause your newspaper delivery if necessary.

*If you like, bring some decorative items to make your house more 'homey', like photos, scented candles, plants or your favorite novels.

*Make arrangements to pick up your new apartment/house keys when you arrive. Also, arrange for your cable and other utilities to be turned on in time for your arrival. When you get there, check out your apartment/house and report any problems as soon as possible.

*If you're driving, have your car's oil changed and check your tire pressure. Include jumper cables, a flashlight and first aid kit in the trunk on your car. Bring a cell phone in case of emergencies.



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