Famous Nurses in History

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Who was Florence Nightingale?

Famous Nurses in History

Florence Nightingale

She was a British Unitarian and a nurse who founded nursing as a modern profession. She was also a mathematician. A pioneer in the nursing field, she established herself as a competent nursing administrator during the Crimean War, where her insistence on sanitary conditions cut the death rate considerably. Florence Nightingale continued to advance the field in her later years, providing better health service and opportunities for women at the same time.

She was called the "Lady with the Lamp." She made history with her nursing work in the Crimean War and helped shake up the field of medicine. Her opinions on women physicians and her invention of the pie chart are included.



5/31/2011 3:37:14 PM
PJMc said:

I found this to be of great use to me. I didn't know Florence was a mathematician.


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