Careers in Nursing

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What are some careers in nursing?

Careers in Nursing

Nurses may work in many practice areas such as hospitals, home care, private practice, public health, extended care centers, clinics, offices, schools, military service, corporations, health-related industries, hospice, occupational settings, or health and wellness centers.

Nurses may work in many specialty areas such as ambulatory care, burn care, developmental disabilities, emergency, geriatrics, home care, intensive care, mother/baby care, oncology, operating room, pediatrics, psychiatric nursing, recovery, rehabilitation, research, or school nursing.

There are many professional pathways for nurses today including influencing legislation, changing health care delivery systems, writing and publishing, disease prevention and health promotion education, and participating on boards of directors. Professional paths may include practice in private ventures, collaborative practice, alternative care, teaching, community care, journalism, business, sales and marketing, law and informatics.



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