More Nurses Sayings

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What are some interesting nurses sayings?

More Nurses Sayings

  • LPN: means Loving Person Near.
  • LPN: Low Paid Nurse.
  • Nurses are I.V. Leaguers!
  • Nurses are the cure-all!
  • Nurses call the SHOTS!
  • Nurses give Intensive Care.
  • Nurses have a lot of patients.
  • Nursing is the gentle art of caring.
  • Nursing is a work of Heart!
  • Nurses are Angels in comfortable shoes.
  • RN means Real Nice!
  • Nurses can really take the pressure!
  • If love can't cure it, nurses can.
  • Being a nurse is not just a job, it's an adventure.
  • Nurses are the heartbeat of health care.
  • Nurses hold the key to recovery.
  • On a scale of 1-100, nurses are a 98.6!
  • Blessed are the nurses, for they help us heal through love and care.
  • Behind every good doctor is a great nurse!
  • Always willing to comfort and share.
    Helping to ease every problem and care. You're more than a nurse, you're a blessing!
  • Nurses prayer: Lord bless me with a gentle touch and caring heart.
  • Dear Nurse, your loving care and gentle touch has made a difference. Thank you!
  • A nurse is God's angel of mercy! We'd all be worse without a nurse!


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