Latex Allergies in the Workplace

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What can I do about my latex allergy?

Latex Allergies in the Workplace

The powder that manufacturers put on latex gloves can cause a rash on your hands, and in some severe cases, could send you into anaphylactic shock. Even if you don't develop an allergy when you first start using them, you could develop them later, and you may be sensitive to them even if they're on other people's hands.

Ask your workplace to use powder-free gloves. But if you do have to work with powdered gloves, wash and dry your hands thoroughly after removing them. While at work, avoid using oil-based lotions that contain mineral, coconut, or palm oil or lanolin. These oils break down the glove barrier. If you can, wear synthetic gloves or cotton liners with latex gloves for work that gets your hands wet. People who develop latex sensitivity may have to go to more trouble to avoid exposure. Consult a doctor and tell your employer if your symptoms get worse.



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