Operating room technique

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Operating room technique

All nurses have a general operating room technique whether you are a scrub nurse, theatre nurse or a circulating nurse. A scrub nurse scrubs into surgery, is positioned near the surgeon and hands needed instruments and surgical supplies during the procedure to the surgeon. This is a very important position during a surgery. The scrub nurse must work well with the surgeon and other operating staff and assist the surgeon in keeping the flow and rhythm of the procedure. A circulating nurse ensures that the surgical room, equipment and supplies and prepared, ready and available to the surgical staff. The circulating nurse is also responsible to represent the patient whom is unable to speak for him/herself if anything were to go in a manner that is not optimum for the patient. This position is also a very important position. Without a circulating nurse, the surgical staff may run out of supplies, have an equipment failure, and use unsterilized instruments or other such situations. The circulating nurse is a little like a musical composer, they ensure things go as best as possible and the staff have everything they need to be successful. The theatre nurse is very well educated, trained and experience and is prepared to take the position and role of either the surgical or circulating nurse. This nurse is very versatile and may be placed in either position needing filled. To find free career advice on which nurse you would like to be, contact your local college for a free career placement assessment.



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