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NPAs or nurse practice acts are state and federal rules, laws and guidelines for all registered nurses. When a nurse becomes a registered nurse he/she is bound by the state and federal laws within the states for which he/she practices. These rules, laws and guide lines are for the protection of the nurse as well as the patient. They are in place to for all registered nurses to follow and they follow acceptable and required guidelines to ensure the safety, treatment and care of all patients. You can check the NPAs web site to verify that your registered nurse is truly registered, licensed and is in good standing with the nurse practice acts and that there are no current or pending complaints against your registered nurse. This may give a patient the ease of mind that their care and aftercare is in good hands. General nursing information can also be obtained through the NPAs web site for your state. This may help guide you as to whether or not you want to take this step, the requirements and responsibilities as a registered nurse in your area. You may also want to check your physician or surgeon to ensure that he/she is also in good standing with the medical practice acts and your state medical board. If there are any complaints or reprimands you may be able to locate and read on each situation. The NPAs and MPAs are great places to start to obtain information for both patient and students. Once you have decided that nursing may be right for you, set an appointment with your local nursing or state college offering the necessary classes and scheduling.



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