Nursing time management

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Nursing time management

When you begin classes to become a registered nurse, you will learn the general nursing information which applies to this position along with detailed studies in care and treatment of patience. Within your studies you will also want to incorporate time management classes for nursing. These classes will assist you in learning to assess and manage your time more effectively. Nursing time management can be a difficult feet to get a handle on. When you arrive at work for your scheduled shift, there are always so many things to do and you can feel overwhelmed very quickly. But if you prioritize and try to stay on top of each situation you will get through it. Learning time management skills and applying them in a concise manner may help. You must begin your shift with a brief from the previous shift this will give you the needed information to attend to the most needed areas and patients first. After you have the most needed patients cared for, you will begin a normal routine of checking all your patients and ensuring that their needs are take care of. Time management in nursing can also be accomplished by delegating responsibilities to other staff members. Such as: if a patient simply needs water, bedding assistance or other hygienic assistance you may choose to send a nurse’s assistant or other staff member to assist while you are attending to other patient whom may need medications or other services which require a registered nurse.



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