Nurse Practice Acts

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Nurse Practice Acts

General nursing information: Nurses are an intricate part of the health care team both in a physician’s or clinical office/setting as well as in a hospital setting. No matter where you look in the medical field, you will find a nurse, and highly educated and trained nurses are always in demand. A good general nurse will provide competent and comprehensive medical care in a personable, considerate and caring manner. A good general nurse will put the patient at ease which allows the nurse to carry out the direction and instruction of the physician. Nurse practice acts or NPAs are laws set forth in each state giving the full definition and scope of nursing requirements and responsibilities. These laws are in place to protect public health, welfare and safety. It is the responsibility of each nurse to be aware and participate fully within the boundaries of these laws. A nurse is there for everyone’s protection, and if you follow the guidelines set forth, you should be safe from legal implications related to these laws. Every physician also must adhere to the medical practice acts of their state. And the nurse(s) may also choose to read and understand these limitations and requirements to ensure that these laws are best utilized by the physician in charge of your patient. You are the first defense to your patients care and treatment.



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