Circulating Nurse

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Circulating Nurse

A circulating nurse is a registered nurse whom is also an operating room nurse. Although a circulating nurse is referenced as being an operating room nurse they don’t actually scrub in for surgery. Their main participation with the surgery is to monitor equipment and supplies along with a variety of other administrative and supportive services as required by the position. The circulating nurse will also advocate for the patient whom is unable to advocate for themselves while under anesthesia. Being an advocate for the patient is a very important role, since there is no one else to do so if an emergency decision has to be made very quickly. If you are considering the circulating nurse career choice, you may also want to conceder continuing your education and becoming a theatre nurse. This is a person whom has a multitude of opportunity within the surgery it’s self. A theatre nurse may take the role of a circulating nurse, but they also have the opportunity to take the scrub nurse position in a surgical setting. Scrub nurses participate in the care of a patient before, during and after a surgical procedure. During surgery the scrub nurse is actually scrubbed in and is near the surgeon to hand him/her surgical instruments and to also help monitor and observe the patient for any changes or potential problems during surgery. Both the circulating nurse and the scrub nurse are required to know and understand operating room techniques required. For free career advice please contact your local college advisor.



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