Skills Needed to be an RN

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What are registered nurses?

Skills Needed to be an RN

Skills, knowledge, and abilities required and used by Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners include:
speaking, service orientation, social perceptiveness, reading comprehension, oral comprehension, judgment and decision making, medicine and dentistry, biology, customer and personal service, chemistry, problem sensitivity, and critical thinking.



9/26/2006 11:36:07 AM
beauty naima said:

when i wased a little girl i always want to be a nuers. because I would love to help other.
especally my family, my mom she really love me and
I love her to.she support me however she could
she try hard, thank you.

3/12/2007 5:44:05 AM
Ms. Beautiful said:

My life long dream is to become a nurse practicioner. I want to follow in my parents' footsteps. I love helping others and i am a very understanding person. I may still be young but I am gonna work ery hard to become who I want to be.


7/18/2007 6:15:05 AM
Your mum said:

lean some damn grammer retard

10/2/2007 10:11:49 AM
brianna thomas said:

Hi I am 14 years old and I want ot be a nurse. I love to help others with thier problems. I think when I get older Iwant to be a nurse, because it will be fun. Thank you!

10/16/2007 5:16:50 AM
Terri Challoner said:

i want to be a pysiotheripist. i love making friends and rubbing down people when they get sore muscles. My nana is a doctor and knows the cure for every disease on the planet.


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