Famous Nursing Quotes - "Nursing Is An Art"

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What are some famous nursing quotes?

Famous Nursing Quotes - "Nursing Is An Art"

Nursing is an art:
and if it is to be made an art,
It requires an exclusive devotion
as hard a preparation,
as any painter's or sculptor's work;
for what is the having to do with
dead canvas or dead marble,
compared with having to do
with the living body,
the temple of God's spirit?
It is one of the Fine Arts:
I had almost said,
the finest of Fine Arts.

- Florence Nightingale



11/24/2008 8:02:14 PM
aby said:

i truly believe what florence nightingale said that nurse is art. Artness comes from within. We have to care our patient heartfully since we are more knowledgeable enough in this profession. Greater power comes Greater responsibility.

1/6/2009 3:56:46 AM
arlene said:

she's definitely right. i will make this an inspiration for my course.:)


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