Deciding on A Practical Nurse Course?

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Deciding on A Practical Nurse Course?

In this day and age of economic hardship, the practical nurse remains a high demand job. Finding the right practical nurse course only takes a little research as well as deciding what your schedule is able or willing to accommodate.

Practical Nurse courses are usually taught at technical schools and will last anywhere from nine months to perhaps a year and a half if you are going part time. Most programs now offer evening classes and even part time classes for the working adult wanting to change fields to one with more job security.
Practical Nurse courses generally require you to take an entrance exam and score a certain level in Mathematics and English to get accepted into the program, Technical Schools do accept Pell grants which, if qualified, will pay the entire cost of your tuition.

You should enjoy working with people and have also an eye for detail because the practical nurse is often the only one seeing the patient, depending on the type of facility, and should be able to notice changes that may require she/he contact the Dr or possibly the RN above them.

Practical nurses work in a variety of places, including hospitals, nursing homes, private duty cases, and through agencies visiting clients at home. They are also qualified in certain fields as telephone nurses, such as for large companies that offer employment assistance programs which include answers to basic health care question.

No matter the practical nurse course one chooses, upon completion they will be eligible to take the LPN Nclex to become licensed to practice and enter a high demand job field that offers job security.



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