Registered nursing classes

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Registered nursing classes

Registered nursing classes are provided at many colleges and specialty schools. There are many nursing schools in nearly all communities which provide specialty classes. You will want to start with you local college to see the classes they offer. To possibly lower your class expenses, you may want to find out which classes are able to be transferred from another less expensive school in anticipation of completing your registered nursing degree. As you near the completion of your education and reaching your goal of becoming a registered nurse, you will really want to make certain that you fully understand the boundaries, requirements and expectations of the nurse patient relationship. In a lot of cases with your patients you will find that nurse humor and nurses jokes may come in handy to ease the patient. It is amazing how humor can sooth a person’s, discomfort, concerns and fears. The patient is usually in a position where they feel they have little or no control over the situation, their health and wellbeing. Most people don’t like the feeling of being incapacitated or vulnerable and their life, safety and wellbeing are in the hands of strangers. So a little humor can help “break the ice” and make them feel a little more at ease. Each patient is different and you will need to learn how to read people and learn when and what type of humor may be appropriate. You will also want to listen to your co-workers, if they had first contact with the patient they will be able to convey details of the patients mental status, likes, dislikes or other bits of information which may be helpful to you in dealing with them on an individual bases.



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